Who We Are

Fundraising and business development should fit your needs. The Harper Haines Group has experience in all facets of organizational growth. From strategic planning to feasibility studies and analysis of your current efforts, special events and coaching on the ‘ask’, we will work with you to outline and implement the right plan for your organization’s unique situation.

We started the Harper Haines Group because we believe there are nonprofit and business entities out there doing incredible work for good causes, but in need of a little help. We want to take our passion for business and nonprofit development and help those groups better accomplish their mission by helping build a solid financial foundation.

With good fundraising and development comes lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships that will help take the worry and uncertainty out of your organization’s future. We believe if a development strategy does not align with your values and mission it is not the right approach. We love what we do and we hope by helping you with your organizational needs you will be able to better focus on your passion and goals.

We look forward to working with you!

- Molly Harper Haines, Founder/Development Consultant (Bio)

- Mark Haines, Co-Founder/Development Consultant (Bio)

- Jenny Pinter, Development Consultant (Bio)

- Vanessa Williams, Project Manager (Bio)